Works for Solo Instrument


Garden Wind (Bahçedeki meltem)

Composed 2016.
For violin. Dedicated to Melek Mazici. Commissioned by Harri Saukkomaa. Private premiere by Maria Puusaari, Helsinki, 29.11.2016. Public premiere by Maria Puusaari, Jyväskylä, 13.5.2017. Duration 4’30”. Publisher Sikorski.


Kalliokirskuja (White-throated Swift)

Composed 2016.
For guitar. Commissioned by Petri Kumela. Premiere by Petri Kumela, Kemiönsaari, 14.7.2017. Duration 2’30. Publisher Sikorski.



Composed 2016.
For violin and reciter (can be performed by one person). Text: Suvi Valli. Premiere by Maria Puusaari (violin & recitation), Tampere, 16.4.2016. Duration 8’30. Publisher Sikorski.


Soliloque Suite:

Composed 2011-2013.

Soliloque 1: Étoffé

Composed 2011.
For clarinet. Premiere by Marko Portin, Helsinki, 19.1.2014. Duration 7’. Publisher Sikorski.

Soliloque 2: La tornade

Composed 2012.
For French horn. Commissioned and premiered by Jukka Harju, Flisa, Norway, 6.8.2012. Duration 7’30. Publisher Sikorski.

Soliloque 3: L'avant-midi d'un satyre

Composed 2013.
For oboe. Premiere by Anni Haapaniemi, Helsinki, 19.1.2014. Duration 6’30. Publisher Sikorski.

Soliloque 4: Ondulé

Composed 2013.
For marimba (can be performed by two players). Premiere by Kazutaka Morita and Jani Niinimäki, Helsinki, 19.1.2014. Duration 7’. Publisher Sikorski.

Soliloque 5: Épicentre

Composed 2013.
For guitar. Premiere by Petri Kumela, Helsinki, 19.1.2014. Duration 6’30. Publisher Sikorski.

Soliloque 6: Baisers voles

Composed 2013.
For soprano. Lyrics by the composer. Premiere by Eija Räisänen, Helsinki, 19.1.2014. Duration 6’. Publisher Sikorski.

Soliloque Électronique

Composed 2013.
Music by the composer, sound engineer Kai Rantala. To be performed separately or together with Soliloque Suite. Premiere by the composer and Kai Rantala (sound engineer), Helsinki, 19.1.2014. Duration 8’12. Publisher Sikorski.
Nominated for the Prix Italia (2015).


La trace de Karo

Composed 2010/2013.
For violin. Premiere by Maria Puusaari, Grand Popo, Benin, 1.1.2011. Duration 7’. Publisher Sikorski.


Aflao Highway

Composed 2010.
For piano. Premiere by Matilda Kärkkäinen, Mänttä, 26.6.2012. Duration 13’. Publisher Uusinta.


Vuokin keisari (Emperor of Vuokki)

Composed 2004.
For violin. Premiere by Maria Puusaari, Helsinki, 27.11.2004. Duration 4’. Publisher Uusinta.


Lyckselen kuningas (King of Lycksele)

Composed 2002.
For violoncello. Commissioned and premiered by Markus Hohti, Pieksämäki 1.4.2003. Duration 4’. Publisher Uusinta.


Dorean Dumble Dorean - A Triptych

Composed 2001.
For guitar. Commissioned and premiered by Jyrki Myllärinen, Tampere, 22.4.2001. Duration 9’. Publisher Uusinta.


Five Characters

Composed 1993.
For flute and alto flute (one player). Premiere by Hanna Juutilainen, Helsinki, 6.5.1995. Duration 8’. Publisher Sikorski.