pedagogic music



Composed 2015.
For flute, clarinet and piano (young players, advanced level). Commissioned by Juvenalia Music Institute. Premiere by Tiitta Moilanen (flute), Aino Parikka (clarinet) and Selja Niemi (piano), Espoo, 15.3.2017. Duration 6’. Publisher Sikorski.


Sävelkylpy Karlsbadissa (A Tone Bath in Carlsbad)

Composed 2014.
For two violins. Movements: 1. 30C (elementary level) 2. 50C (basic level) 3. 72C (advanced level). Distribution composer.


Rande Rantakäärme lilluu laiturilla (Geddy Grassnake Lolling on a Wharf)

Composed 2009.
For piano (elementary level). Duration 1’30. Publisher Uusinta.


Kolme uusinta biisiä (Three Newest Pieces)

Composed 2002.
For violin. Duration 5’. Publisher Uusinta (in the compilation Kuusi uusinta biisiä - Six Newest Pieces).


Kylpevät kielet

Composed 2000.
For two flutes and a violoncello. Dedicated to Aida, Saara and Viivi. Duration 1’20”. Distribution Music Finland.


4 kpl (4 pcs)

Composed 1999.
For clarinet, French horn, violoncello and piano. Commissioned by the Finnish Association of Music Institutes. Publisher SMOL.