choral and vocal music


Auf den Beinen

Composed 2019.
For soprano and symphony orchestra 3232(+cfg)/4220/13/ar/cel/sop/str. Text by Suvi Valli. Duration 40’. Publisher Sikorski.


Composed 2015. + WATCH
For symphony orchestra 4333/4331/13/1/str and mixed chorus. Commissioned by Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra. Premiere by Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra and Musiikkitalo Choir, conductor Hannu Lintu, Helsinki, 20.4.2016. Duration 23’. Publisher Sikorski.



Composed 2011 + LISTEN
For soprano, flute, clarinet, violin and violoncello. Text by Maître Zen Seung Sahn and Maître Zen Dōgen. Premiere by Eija Räisänen (soprano), Heljä Räty (flute), Okko Kivikataja (clarinet), Pasi Eerikäinen (violin), Sami Mäkelä (violoncello) and Elina Jukola (conductor), Helsinki, 18.10.2013. Duration 11’40. Publisher Sikorski.


Työnhakuskeidaa (Job Seeking Crap)

Composed 2010.
For mixed chamber choir. Lyrics by Aïda Räihälä. Commissioned and premiered by Helsinki Chamber Choir, conductor Nils Schweckendiek, Helsinki, 23.10.2010. Duation 6’. Distribution Music Finland.


Sammakot - myyttinen kaupunkimaisema (The Frogs - A Mythical Townscape)

Composed 1990.
Incidental music for mixed choir. Lyrics by the composer. Commissioned by Turku Student Theatre. Premiere by Turku Student Theatre, Turku, 16.5.1990. Duration ca. 75’.