This is the list of Osmo Tapio Raihala’s selected compositions. Most of the scores and the parts can be obtained from either Sikorski Musikverlage, Uusinta Publishing Company Ltd., Music Finland sheet music library, or from the composer via contact link. You can even listen to some samples. To listen to whole works, go to listen.

Works for Orchestra or Large Ensemble

Deus ex machina (1990)
For string orchestra. Commissioned by Turku Philharmonic Orchestra. Premiere by Turku Philharmonic Orchestra, conductor Igor Bezrodnyi, Turku, 7.2.1991. Duration 9’45. Distribution Music Finland.

Hinchcliffe Thumper - Tha’ Bloody Intermezzo (1993)
For symphony orchestra (222soprsx2/4221/12/1/str). Premiere by UNM Orchestra, conductor Peter Ettrup Larsen, Malmö, Sweden, 23.9.1994. Duration 4’30. Distribution Music Finland.

Conatus (1996)
For ensemble 1010-0000-01-0-pf-11100. Commissioned by Sonanza Ensemble and Nomus. Premiere by Kallio-Kuninkala Festival Ensemble, conductor Susanna Mälkki, Järvenpää, 13.8.1998. Duration 14’. Distribution Music Finland.

Ardbeg (The Ultimate Piece for Orchestra) (2003) SAMPLE
For symphony orchestra (2222/2211/11/0/str). Premiere by Kymi Sinfonietta, conductor Dima Slobodeniouk, Kotka, 9.3.2005. Duration 17’. Publisher Uusinta.
Recommended work in the 1st International Uuno Klami Composition Competition (2004).

Värikallio (Rock Painting) (2003)
For ensemble 1111-1000-0-0-pf-11111 (flute, clarinet & viola also play improvised solos). Premiere by Uusinta Ensemble, conductor Eva Ollikainen, Helsinki, 17.1.2004. Duration 14’-17’. Publisher Uusinta.

Barlinnie Nine (1999/2005) SAMPLE
For symphony orchestra (3333/4331/12/1/str). Premiere by Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra, conductor Sakari Oramo, Helsinki, 20.4.2005. Duration 11’30. Publisher Sikorski.

Rautasade (Iron Rain) (2008) SAMPLE
For symphony orchestra 4333/4331/13/1/str. Commissioned by Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra. Premiere by Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra, conductor Dima Slobodeniouk, Helsinki, 15.10.2008. Duration 15’. Publisher Sikorski.

Suprematisse (2009) WATCH
For ensemble 1110/0110/01/0/pf/11111. Premiere by Uusinta Ensemble, conductor Eva Ollikainen, Helsinki 10.10.2009. Duration 11’45. Publisher Uusinta.

Myriad (2015) WATCH
For symphony orchestra 3343/4331/13/1/1/str, and mixed chorus. Commissioned by Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra. Premiere by Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra and Musiikkitalo Choir, conductor Hannu Lintu, Helsinki, 20.4.2016. Duration 20’. Publisher Sikorski.

Mural (2017) SAMPLE
For chamber orchestra 1111/1110/0/1/pf/11111. Commissioned by Gewandhausorchester. Premiere by Sinfonietta Leipzig, conductor Moritz Gnann, Leipzig, 15.6.2017. Duration 16’. Publisher Sikorski.

Stream (2017)
Jovanka Trbojevic in memoriam. For string orchestra (minimum 55331). Commissioned by Sinfonietta Lentua. Premiere by Sinfonietta Lentua, conductor Jukka-Pekka Kuusela, Kuhmo, 14.9.2017. Duration 12’30”. Publisher Sikorski.


Concerto for Mallet Instruments (1999/2002)
Version 1 for ensemble 1111/1110/1/0/mallet solo (mar,vib,xyl)/11111. Commissioned by Ensemble Ernst and Nomus. Premiere by Ensemble Ernst, conductor Thomas Rimul, soloist Eirik Raude, Oslo, Norway, 14.4.1999.
Version 2 for symphony orchestra 2222/2210/01/0/mallet solo/str. Premiere by Joensuu City Orchestra, conductor Hannu Koivula, soloist Hannu Porkka, Joensuu 18.4.2002. Duration 19’. Publisher Uusinta.

Håkan Belgiassa (Håkan en Belgique) (2002)
For ensemble 1111/1110/01/0/viola solo/str. Premiere by Uusinta Ensemble, conductor Hannu Koivula, soloist Max Savikangas, Helsinki, 24.11.2002. Duration 22’. Publisher Uusinta.

Cello Concerto (2006) SAMPLE
For symphony orchestra 2222/2200/01/0/cello solo/str. Premiere by Nordic Chamber Ensemble, conductor Eva Ollikainen, soloist Martti Rousi, Sundsvall, Sweden, 18.1.2007. Duration 24’. Publisher Uusinta.

Concerto for Oboe and String Orchestra (2010) SAMPLE
Commissioned by Anni Haapaniemi. Premiere by Central Ostrobothnian Chamber Orchestra, conductor Sakari Oramo, soloist Anni Haapaniemi, Kokkola, 15.10.2011. Duration 22’30. Publisher Sikorski.

Concerto for French Horn (2013) SAMPLE
For symphony orchestra 2222/2200/01/0/horn solo/str. Commissioned by Jukka Harju. Premiere by Sinfonia Lahti, conductor Eva Ollikainen, soloist Jukka Harju, Hämeenlinna, 10.2.2016. Duration 25’. Publisher Sikorski.
Recommended work in the 3rd International Uuno Klami Composition Competition (2014).

Chamber Music

Kaleidoscope (1989)
For flute and clarinet. Premiere by Kari Alikoski (flute) and Harri Wallenius (clarinet), Turku, 25.4.1990. Duration 12’. Distribution Music Finland.

String Quartet nr. 1 (Ever-tone) (1992/94)
Commissioned by Kuhmo Chamber Music Festival. Premiere by Russo Quartet, Kuhmo, 28.7.1994. Duration 17. Distribution Music Finland.

Sarment (1993) SAMPLE
For harp, marimba and vibraphone (one percussionist). Commissioned by Mikko Leistola and Risto Pulkkinen. Premiere by Mikko Leistola (harp) and Risto Pulkkinen (percussion), Turku, 13.4.1994. Duration 9’. Distribution Music Finland.

Spinozan verkko (Spinoza’s Web) (1996) SAMPLE
For clarinet, french horn and violin. Premiere by Kimmo Leppälä (clarinet), Reeta Rossi (french horn) and Maija Kontunen (violin), Helsinki, 20.9.1996. Duration 6’. Publisher Uusinta.

Chadwick Drive (1997)
For percussion quintet. Commissioned by Kroustikon Ensemble. Premiere by Kroustikon Ensemble, conductor Risto Pulkkinen, Turku, 30.3.1998. Duration 7. Distribution Music Finland.

Rampant (1997)
For two solo violins. Premiere by Jaakko Kuusisto and Pekka Kuusisto, Tuusula, 5.8.1998. Duration 6’20. Publisher Uusinta.

Saatana saapuu Turkuun (Satan Arrives to Turku) (1997/99)
For flute/alto flute, percussion, violin, violoncello and piano. Premiere by Central Finland Conservatory Ensemble, Jyväskylä, 22.1.1999. Duration 9’. Distribution Music Finland.

Damballa (2000)
For flute, oboe, clarinet and violin. Premiere by Uusinta Ensemble; Lauri Toivio (flute), Riikka Talvitie (oboe), Kimmo Leppälä (clarinet) and Maria Puusaari (violin), Viitasaari, 10.7.2000. Duration 7’45. Publisher Uusinta.

Saatana muuttaa Espoohon (Satan Moves to Espoo) (1997/2000)
(A trio version of
Satan Arrives to Turku) For violin, violoncello and piano. Premiere by Uusinta Ensemble; Maria Puusaari (violin), Roi Ruottinen (violoncello) and Lauri Kilpiö (piano), Järvenpää, 4.10.2000. Publisher Uusinta.

String Quartet nr. 2 (Jobimao) (2000)
Premiere by Uusinta String Quartet; Maria Puusaari and Antti Tikkanen (violin), Max Savikangas (viola), Roi Ruottinen (violoncello), Järvenpää, 4.10.2000. Duration 9’30. Publisher Uusinta.

Stoa Trilogy (Ataraxy - Apathy - Autarchy) (2002)
For violin and piano. Premiere by Maria Puusaari (violin) and Antti Kaihola (piano), Helsinki, 24.11.2002. Duration 11’50. Publisher Uusinta.

Hellä jättiläinen (Gentle Giant) (2004)
For kantele and vibraphone. Commissioned by Eija Kankaanranta. Premiere by Eija Kankaanranta (kantele) and Hannu Porkka (vibraphone), Joensuu, 20.2.2004. Duration 8’30. Publisher Uusinta.

Epitafi (In memoriam Usko Meriläinen) (2005)
For flute and piano. Premiere by Lauri Toivio (flute) and Emil Holmström (piano), Helsinki, 15.1.2005. Duration 2’. Distribution Music Finland.

De-cadenza (2005) SAMPLE
For accordion and string quartet. Commissioned by Veli Kujala. Premiere Uusinta Ensemble; Veli Kujala (accordion), Maria Puusaari and Teija Slobodeniouk (violin), Eriikka Nylund (viola), Jukka Rautasalo (violoncello), Helsinki, 12.12.2005. Duration 9’45. Publisher Uusinta.

Freefoot (2006)
For flute, clarinet, violin, violoncello and piano. Premiere by Uusinta Lunaire; Lauri Toivio (flute), Kimmo Leppälä (clarinet), Maria Puusaari (violin), Markus Hohti (violoncello) and Emil Holmström (piano), Helsinki, 9.3.2006. Duration 8’. Publisher Uusinta.

Mäntä (Piston) (2009) SAMPLE
For two pianos. Premiere by Sonja Fräki and Niklas Pokki, Mänttä, 23.6.2009. Duration 10’30. Publisher Uusinta.

A Love Surplus (2010) SAMPLE
For flute, violoncello and piano. Premiere by Uusinta Ensemble; Malla Vivolin (flute), Markus Hohti (violoncello), Emil Holmström (piano), Helsinki, 19.1.2014. Duration 12’. Publisher Sikorski.

L’homme à la licorne (2011) SAMPLE
For soprano saxophone and piano. Premiere by Olli-Pekka Tuomisalo (saxophone) and Risto-Matti Marin (piano), Helsinki, 24.9.2012. Duration 10’. Publisher Sikorski.

Zen (2011)
For soprano, flute, clarinet, violin and violoncello. Premiere by Eija Räisänen (soprano), Heljä Räty (flute), Okko Kivikataja (clarinet), Pasi Eerikäinen (violin), Sami Mäkelä (violoncello) and Elina Jukola (conductor), Helsinki, 18.10.2013. Duration 11’40. Publisher Sikorski.

Zénith (2011/12)
(An instrumental version of
Zen) For trumpet, flute, clarinet, violin and violoncello. Premiere by Uusinta Ensemble; Tomas Gricius (trumpet), Lauri Toivio (flute), Marko Portin (clarinet), Maria Puusaari (violin), Markus Hohti (violoncello), Helsinki, 3.3.2012. Duration 11’30. Publisher Sikorski.

Seurat I (2012) WATCH
For kantele and violin with live-electronics. Commissioned by Eija Kankaanranta. Premiere by Eija Kankaanranta (kantele), Maria Puusaari (violin) and Hervé Le Dorlot (sound engineer), Paris, France, 30.3.2012. Duration 12’50. Publisher Sikorski.

Les Oréades (2014) WATCH
For piano quartet. Commissioned by Maria Puusaari. Premiere by Maria Puusaari (violin), Pisku Ristiluoma (viola), Eeva Rysä (violoncello) and Sonja Fräki (piano), Helsinki, 27.4.2014. Duration 13’15. Publisher Sikorski.

Roihu (Blaze) (2014) WATCH
For six cellos. Commissioned by Sysmä Summer Sounds. Premiere by Sysmä Festival Strings; Lauri Kankkunen, Jaani Helander, Jonathan Roozeman, Oskari Holopainen, Helena Vuola and Martti Rousi, Sysmä, 4.7.2014. Duration 9’. Publisher Sikorski.

Three Sketches for Stephan Dill (2014)
For violin and piano. Premiere by Maria Puusaari (violin) and Emil Holmström (piano), Helsinki, 6.11.2014. Duration 15’30. Publisher Sikorski.

(G)astronomia (2015)
For violin and reciter. Text: Suvi Valli. Premiere by Maria Puusaari (violin & recitation), Tampere, 16.4.2016. Duration 8’30. Publisher Sikorski.

Tremor (2015)
For flute, clarinet and piano (for young musicians). Commissioned by Juvenalia Music Institute. Premiere by Tiitta Moilanen (flute), Aino Parikka (clarinet) and Selja Niemi (piano), Espoo, 15.3.2017. Duration 6’. Publisher Sikorski.

Motherlode (2016)
For amplified cello with live-electronics, flute, clarinet, harp, piano and sound engineer. Commissioned by Markus Hohti. Premiere by Markus Hohti & defunensemble, Helsinki, 9.9.2016. Duration 17’. Publisher Sikorski.

Temptations (2017)
For piano trio. Commissioned by Fräki-Puusaari-Rysä Trio. Premiere by Fräki-Puusaari-Rysä Trio, Helsinki, 23.4.2017. Duration 12’. Publisher Sikorski.

Solo works

Five Characters (1993) SAMPLE
For flute and alto flute. Premiere by Hanna Juutilainen, Helsinki, 6.5.1995. Duration 8’. Publisher Sikorski.

Dorean Dumble Dorean (A Triptych) (2001)
For guitar. Commissioned and premiered by Jyrki Myllärinen, Tampere, 22.4.2001. Duration 9’. Publisher Uusinta.

Lyckselen kuningas (King of Lycksele) (2002)
For violoncello. Commissioned and premiered by Markus Hohti, Pieksämäki 1.4.2003. Duration 4’. Publisher Uusinta.

Vuokin keisari (Emperor of Vuokki) (2004)
For violin. Premiere by Maria Puusaari, Helsinki, 27.11.2004. Duration 4’. Publisher Uusinta.

Aflao Highway (2010) SAMPLE
For piano. Premiere by Matilda Kärkkäinen, Mänttä, 26.6.2012. Duration 13’. Publisher Uusinta.

La trace de Karo (2010)
For violin. Premiere by Maria Puusaari, Grand Popo, Benin, 1.1.2011. Duration 7’. Publisher Sikorski.

Soliloque Suite:
Each work can be performed separately, or all together with the electronic work Soliloque.

Soliloque 1: Étoffé (2011)
For clarinet. Premiere by Marko Portin, Helsinki, 19.1.2014. Duration 7’. Publisher Sikorski.

Soliloque 2: La tornade (2012) LISTEN
For French horn. Commissioned and premiered by Jukka Harju, Flisa, Norway, 6.8.2012. Duration 7’30. Publisher Sikorski.

Soliloque 3: L’avant-midi d’un satyre (2013)
For oboe. Premiere by Anni Haapaniemi, Helsinki, 19.1.2014. Duration 6’30. Publisher Sikorski.

Soliloque 4: Ondulé (2013)
For marimba (two players). Premiere by Kazutaka Morita and Jani Niinimäki, Helsinki, 19.1.2014. Duration 7’. Publisher Sikorski.

Soliloque 5: Épicentre (2013)
For guitar. Premiere by Petri Kumela, Helsinki, 19.1.2014. Duration 6’30. Publisher Sikorski.

Soliloque 6: Baisers volés (2013)
For soprano. Lyrics by the composer. Premiere by Eija Räisänen, Helsinki, 19.1.2014. Duration 6’. Publisher Sikorski.

(G)astronomia (chamber music)

Kalliokirskuja (White-throated Swift) (2016)
For guitar. Commissioned by Petri Kumela. Premiere by Petri Kumela, Kemiönsaari, 14.7.2017. Duration 2’30. Publisher Sikorski.

Garden Wind (Bahçedeki meltem) (2016)
For violin. Dedicated to Melek Mazici. Commissioned by Harri Saukkomaa. Private premiere by Maria Puusaari, Helsinki, 29.11.2016. Public premiere by Maria Puusaari, Jyväskylä, 13.5.2017. Duration 4’30”. Publisher Sikorski.

Vocal works

see Zen (chamber music)

Choral works

Työnhakuskeidaa (Job Seeking Crap) (2010)
For mixed chamber choir. Lyrics by Aïda Räihälä. Commissioned and premiered by Helsinki Chamber Choir, conductor Nils Schweckendiek, Helsinki, 23.10.2010. Duation 6’. Distribution Music Finland.

Myriad (works for orchestra)

Incidental music

Sammakot - myyttinen kaupunkimaisema (Frogs - A Mythical Townscape) (1990)
For mixed choir. Lyrics by the composer. Commissioned by Turku Student Theatre. Premiere by Turku Student Theatre, Turku, 16.5.1990. Duration ca. 75’.

Kausikortti (Season Ticket) (2006)
For symphony orchestra and various ensembles. Incidental music for TV series Kausikortti (
Season Ticket). Commissioned by Yleisradio.

Klassinen Suomi (Classical Finland) (2015)
For symphony orchestra, soprano and various ensembles. Incidental music for TV series Klassinen Suomi (
Classical Finland). Commissioned by Yleisradio.

Electronic music

Soliloque (2013)
Music by the composer, sound engineer Kai Rantala. To be performed separately or together with
Soliloque Suite. Premiere by the composer and Kai Rantala (sound engineer), Helsinki, 19.1.2014. Duration 8’12. Publisher Sikorski.
Nominated for the Prix Italia (2015).

Pedagogic music

4 kpl (4 pcs) (1999)
For clarinet, French horn, violoncello and piano. Commissioned by the Finnish Association of Music Institutes. Publisher SMOL.

Kylpevät kielet (Bathing Tongues) (2000)
For two flutes and a violoncello. Dedicated to Aida, Saara and Viivi. Duration 1’20”. Distribution Music Finland.

Kolme uusinta biisiä (Three Newest Pieces) (2002)
For violin. Duration 5’. Publisher Uusinta (in the compilation
Kuusi uusinta biisiä - Six Newest Pieces).

Rande Rantakäärme lilluu laiturilla (Geddy Grass Snake Lolling on a Wharf) (2009)
For piano. Duration 1’30. Publisher Uusinta.

Sävelkylpy Karlsbadissa (Tone Bath in Carlsbad) (2014)
For two violins. Movements: 1. 30C (elementary level) 2. 50C (basic level) 3. 72C (advanced level). Distribution composer.

Tremor (chamber music)


Muoviruusuja omenapuissa - Harsoinen teräs (2012)
Arrangement for symphony orchestra 3333/4331/12/1/solo voice/str. Composed by Ismo Alanko. Arrangement commissioned by Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra. Premiere by Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra, conductor Susanna Mälkki, soloist Ismo Alanko (singer), Helsinki, 10.11.2012. Duration 8’30. Distribution composer.